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Symbols of America

Organizations for Contributions

     American Liberty Partnership   (superb site!)

     Sites with Additional Information


Projects and Other Ways to Help

     Angel Project

The Angel Project is a nation-wide crusade asking Americans to craft an angel ornament in memory of the victims of our nation's tragedy. Participation is open for individuals, schools, churches, and civic organizations. Details about The Angel Project as well as free instructions and patterns for a variety of angel projects for every skill level are available through their website.

     mIRC Registration Donations

In support of the recent appeal for help by the International Federation, the monies from all registrations made by mIRC users in October will be donated to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, who are preparing to help between 350,000 to half a million refugees in what has become a huge humanitarian crisis in countries around Afghanistan. For more information, please read about it here at the mIRC Homepage.

Webpages in Memory of those Killed




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