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Alternate: alleluja
Real Name: ;)
Born: August 29th
From: Born/raised Alabama



* Status:
Channel Administrator
* Other Info:
This has been an exciting learning experience for me..so different from my art! I look forward to each time I am on channel and love seeing all of you there:)
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
April 1997
* Computer:
* Mousepad:
Plain purple .... they say artists who use a lot of purple are crazy ;)
* Roller Coasters - Scary or Exciting:
Not that 'crazy' ... I have never liked roller coasters!
* Chocolate or Vanilla:
I like both of em...:) Chocolate is exciting and vanilla is very refined :)
* Type of First Car:
A 1949 Buick Roadmaster, convertible...Dark maroon with grey leather seats...waaaah hoooo! ;)
* Lefty, Righty, or Ambidextrous:
Both...when I need to be, but right most of the time.
* Favorite Music:
Classical and Folk
* Favorite Groups:
Peter, Paul, and Mary. Simon and Garfunkle (how does that date me?)
* Favorite TV Shows:
Many public television shows. I always enjoy "Mr. Bean"
* Job:
* Hobbies:
Gardening, reading anything I can find about art/artist , and most importantly..Spoiling my grandkids;)
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