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Alternate: dented
Real Name: Marc
Born: December 19, 1951
From: Florida


Braindent on his boat -- woohoo!

* Status:
Op in #Beginner
* Why I Chose This Nickname:
Braindent: Well, back in '87' I was asked to be the referee of a ping pong championship match in a VERY poor community here in Florida. Being the wunnerful guy that I am, of course I said YES(for the right price). In the final match for the championship, I was keeping an everwatchful eye on both players, when the player on the right miss hit the ping pong ball, and hit me in the head! Now normally no big deal, right? Only thing is, this community was sooooooo poor, that after paying my judging fees, they couldn't afford real ping ping balls, so they were using ROCKS! So that's where the nick braindent originated
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
(beginning of addiction) I started I think about Dec. of '94'
* Computer:
Welllllllll Yeah, this is a computer DUH!
* Favorite Music:
Well my fav. group of all time is The Moody Blues!I have their original vinyl album 'GO NOW' and the next 14, all in vinyl! I've also recently become a jazz aholic, but my roots are that late 60's early 70' drug culture rock.
* Favorite Groups:
Favorite groups, geez I blew that! refer to #5
* Favorite TV Shows:
Fav. TV shows, any show that doesn't interfere with quality IRC! I enjoy 'Friends' a lot and of course 'THE SIMPSONS'
* Favorite Computer Games:
well I am an ooolld fuddy duddy and I am really into computer golf. I found the other day a site where I could play real time chess with other people. (www.zone.com)
* Job:
I'm 48 as of Dec. 19th and I am lucky enuff to be retired.
* Hobbies:
Hobbies, I moved to a small lake in Interlachen Florida and I enjoy da heck outta fishing! I play the catch and release game, that way I can ALWAYS lie about how many fish I caught, and how HUGE they were
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