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Alternate: Dingo`
Real Name: Abram Dinsdale
Born: 3rd September, 1979
From: Melbourne, Victoria - Australia


#Beginner Op - Ausnut
* Status:
Friend of #Beginner
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
Dingo: I started off as Abram17, but when the Sydney olympics happened, I changed to AusNut, because I wanted an Australian Nickname. After a freak copy/paste incident in #Beginner, my nick changed to AusFox. That brought some unwanted attention, so I changed nicks to Dingo, because it really is an Australian Nickname. :)
Check below for a picture of Dingo with some dingoes :)
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
* Computer:
AMD Atholon 1.3 Ghz - (upgraded)
* Mousepad:
I THOUGHT they were a waste of space, but they actually do work (they never use to work)
* Roller Coasters - Scary or Exciting:
oohh I've been on one twice. I'm sure someone is trying to take our bodies away from us... too fast
* Chocolate or Vanilla:
Hot Chocolate or Vanilla Coke....
* My First Car:
A 1978 Nissin Datson Stanza GL which I never drove cause I didnt get my licence in time :( better luck next time :)
* Lefty, Righty, or Ambidextrous:
Righty for everything, except I'm ambidextrous when I'm typing, and when I'm dealing cards I'm lefty
* Favorite Music:
If I listen to it and like it then I like it. My favorite music? Everything I have on my computer right now
* Favorite TV Shows:
Stingers, Stargate, Enterprise,SCI
* Favorite Computer Games:
Age of Empires 2 (with the expansion)
* Job:
Presintation Webbing &design
* Hobbies:
Playing Guitar; drawing (sometimes); Bike riding; Gym / excercises. ah yes, and I love walking from one end of a train to the other without holding on to stuff. Just as well the police dont ask you to walk in a straight line on a train if they think you've been drinking.
* Last Updated:
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Abram says: These 2 dingoes came to the sanctuary after being rescued from the pound, the transfer was recorded by an Australian TV show called Animal Hospital. They both love meeting people, as you can see.

Nicholas (the dingo on the far right) was the first dingo I ever saw, and the first one I got to take for a walk, and pat/hug :)

Picture of Abram with some dingoes at a dingo wildlife sanctuary


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