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Alternate: uTaF
Real Name: John F. Griffith
Born: August 7, 1951
From: Wyomissing, Pennsylvania



* Status:
Channel Administrator
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
FaTu: One day a lady I worked with had brought her son in with her for a short visit. She told him that everybody calls me 'Foster' which is what I normally use for my real nickname. Well...this little guy was still too young to be able to pronounce it right and it came out sounding like Fah-2. I thought this would be a fitting nick for me on IRC. I just spell it FaTu.
* Other Info:
The people I've met in #beginner have been some of the nicest you'd ever want to meet or get to know. It's a priviledge to be part of such a good thing
* Homepage:
FaTu's Homepage
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
March of 96
* Computer:
* Favorite Music:
Rock, Blues, Jazz, Alternative
* Favorite Groups:
Steely Dan, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Ed Van Fleet
* Favorite TV Shows:
Sliders, Millenium, and X-Files
* Favorite Computer Games:
Kings Quest V, Leisure Suit Larry, and Pinball
* Job:
Computer Operations Analyst
* Hobbies:
Motorcycling, bicycling, weight lifting, IRC, and sometimes skateboarding
Bossmom's Note: I hear he's pretty good with skateboarding...on a PlayStation. ;pp
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