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Alternate: Music102
Real Name: Derek
Born: June 15, 1980
From: Pennsylvania



* Status:
Previous +V in #Beginner
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
Music101: Music is something I love doing. I am a guitar teacher and I run my own Music store. Also my friends, the 101's, helped me out alot with mIRC so I wanted to dedicate my 101 to them. *hugs*
(bossmom: That would be Magnum101 and Lucky101 the 101's refers to :)
* Other Info:
Helping out in #Beginner is fun for me. I am glad to be a part of the team. I will work hard to help out in everyway possible and still be able to make everyone smile *big grins*.
* Homepage:
Music101's Homepage
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
somewhere around late 98
* Computer:
350 mghrtz, processor 100 mghrt, AND motherboard with a really good sound card *wink*
* Favorite Music:
Folk Rock, Blues, Country, Classic Rock, Pop, R&B, soul, Funk, Gospel
* Favorite Groups:
Neil Young, Eric Capton, Tom Petty, Willie Nelson
* Favorite TV Shows:
Married with Children, Home Improvement
* Favorite Computer Games:
My computer doesn't like games
* Job:
Music Store Owner
* Hobbies:
I love fishing and camping but even better than both is to go camping with a jam session infront of the campfire while enjoying the many stars under a moonless night.
* Last Updated:
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