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Alternate: PapaJohn_
Real Name: John
Born: 3 February 2578 b.c.
From: OK



* Status:
Channel Administrator
Channel Manager of #Beginner
Aug 1998 - Dec 1999
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
PapaJohn: Seemed like the thing to do at the time. I know this is a fake picture. Ask me online, I might elaborate and you may even be able to pry a real picture outta me :-)
* Other Info:
The sun is approximately 93 million miles from my house.
The more times you run over a possum, the flatter it gets.
Bossmom's Note: As you can see, PJ lives on the other side of the alley. ;p He also specializes in Trivia....if you got any brain-stumpers, look him up, he's always game for some mind-benders.
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
middle of 1995
* Computer:
Compaq 2.5 gig with a gazzillabyte of memory in it.
* Favorite Music:
all kinds -- as long as it doesn't stray way far from 'center' :)
* Favorite Groups:
see: music
* Favorite TV Shows:
anything that makes the point on my head a little bit sharper
* Favorite Computer Games:
* Job:
Manage three aviation electronics shop for Uncle Sam
* Hobbies:
staying out of trouble takes up most my time
Puter stuff of course!
* Last Updated: