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Alternate: SD, Day
Real Name: n/a
Born: Born on July 20, 'ageless' ... age is relative
From: Tucson, Az, USA The Sonoran desert



* Status:
Sr. Op in #Beginner
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
SecretDay: I originally was online via AOL, had I only bought stock then! Cha ching!!! hehehe! Well, I had a 'computer generated 'master account name that was just very much NOT me! All the names I tried to create were taken. My mind wanted something unique but nothing seemed to be available. I glanced around the room and on my book shelf there was a book 'PC Secrets'. With this I typed in Secret, but the computer tried to generate some numbers with it. So I tried adding tons of things, all without luck. Then as the hot Sonoran desert sunlight streamed through the windows into my home, I decided to try Day :D and thus was born SecretDay *soft smiles*.
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
AOL 12/94, IRC 11/95
* Computer:
486 P.C.
* Favorite Music:
I like most music, and love guitar
* Favorite Groups:
Its so hard to pick!!!
* Favorite TV Shows:
Ex-Files, E.R., Grace Under Fire, Sim
* Favorite Movies:
The ILLustrated Man, Escape From New York
* Job:
Domestic Engineer, Keeping Secrets!!!
* Hobbies:
Chatting on AOL, IRC, Reading, Healing Arts, TCM, Writing Poetry
* Last Updated: