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Alternate: MrSpudMan
Real Name: Dale
Born: 2-27-65
From: Dupo, IL, USA - about 10km (6 miles) from St Louis


#Beginner Mascot - Team Geese

* Status:
Long-time Friend of #Beginner (Previous Channel Administrator)
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
Sofaspud: Gee, isn't it obvious? Sofaspud = Couch Potato
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
Nov. 95
* Computer:
Dual Celeron 400 on an Abit BP6 (running Win2K)
* Mousepad:
It's the one we give away with systems at work. It has the Avid and my company's logos on it.
bossmom: was that a plug? naaaahhhh...surely not ;-)
* Roller Coasters - Scary or Exciting:
Sofaspud: Do I need to answer that one? ;-) For those that don't already know, I'm an avid coaster fan. I've ridden 10 new ones in 2000 alone!
bossmom: Gee, sofa, I'm not sure I believe you...can you pull up your Excel file with ALL your notes to prove it?   <BSEG>
Sofaspud's reply: I will send that excel file to you iffin' you'd like to post it!
bossmom: You betcha! How about a picture too? eh? eh?
Sofaspud sends pics!: One picture is with F1Pilot, and the darker one is with F1Pilot, Sthrnlady, and Sugarbear. Both are from the #Beginner Party, August 1998, at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO.
* Chocolate or Vanilla:
Chocolate except for pudding...prefer vanilla pudding over chocolate
* Type of First Car:
'75 Chevy Monza known to my high-school buddies as the Monzoo. If you like street rods, ask me about it sometime.
* Lefty, Righty, or Ambidextrous:
* Favorite Music:
70's and 80's Rock
* Favorite Groups:
Scorpions, Boston
* Favorite TV Shows:
London's Burning, The Screen Savers, Sunday Night in Black & White on Gameshow Network
* Favorite Computer Games:
Two words - Sony Playstation!
* Job:
Tech support, training, and integration of Avid PC based video editing systems
* Hobbies:
Watching most any type of motorsports
bossmom: No Kidding? Fast Cars? Lots of Noise? Accidents? Are you sure?? ARGH!
Sofaspud takes exception to my teasing about his driving...but let me tell you from experience, he's got a lead foot! Anabanana will back me up -- we both about fainted while riding with him during a short road trip in Kansas City. Pssttt.....sofa, you are NOT going to win this round :) :) *squirt* *squirt*
* Last Updated:
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Sofaspud and F1Pilot Sofaspud, F1Pilot, Sthrnlady, and Sugarbear

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