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Alternate: Snowie`
Real Name: Patricia(Callie)
Born: April 6th
From: Montana USA



* Status:
Channel Manager of #Beginner: Sept 2003 - Current
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
Starrie: I'm fascinated by the cosmos and those starry, starry nights
* Other Info:
Though I came to Undernet via another network, when I discovered the well-behaved people and warm hearts on #beginner, I knew I had found 'home'.
* IRC client:
mIRC (always the latest version)
* Started IRC:
Spring - 1997
* Computer:
PII 233
* Favorite Music:
Romantic and Classical
* Favorite Groups:
All who sing those romantic love songs.
* Favorite TV Shows:
Never watch TV ... IRC is much too much fun.
* Favorite Computer Games:
Still addicted to 'Free Cell' when not on IRC
* Job:
Certified Public Accountant
* Hobbies:
BC (before computer), they were calligraphy, the book arts, paper-making, playing with watercolor or acrilic clay, as well as gardening and drying flowers.
* Last Updated: