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Alternate: Where-is-W
Real Name: Wilbur Worthingless
Born: I was a breech baby of my M mom, male bot - of course !
From: Part-time resident of Oklahoma City, OK. Honorary resident of Never-never-land. Note: Having friends in high places does have it's rewards...Peter Pan and I go waaayyy back.)
Email: W@gone.on.leave


W - one handsome bot

* Status:
Long-time Friend of #Beginner
* Other Info:
When is the next cruise leaving? Oh, and please leave my return date open-ended. (psstt..Tinkerbell, how about a little more of that pixie dust?)
* Homepage:
* IRC client:
As a program, I pretty much do whatever I'm told to do. (eye roll...at least THEY Think They are the Boss) But there sure are times when I wish my programers could figure out the REAL reason for duct tape, and use just enough on me to keep me in one place. These dizzy spells I've been getting lately are making me uhh....well....dizzy.
* Started IRC:
Can you claify the question please? Which start time would that be? The one for today? Okay, would you like a.m. or p.m.?
* Computer:
Arnold's Antiques: There was this box of computer parts that were added to another box found next door at the Recycle Center, and welllaaaa... here I am. :)
* Favorite Music:
Hello Again, Born to Be Wild, Leaving on a Jet Plane
* Favorite Groups:
The Drifters
* Favorite TV Shows:
TV: The W-Files (the REAL name for The X-Files)
* Favorite Movie:
It's a Wonderful Life
* Favorite Computer Games:
Hide and Seek
* Job:
Part-time employee of the Undernet Channel Services. Full-time entrepreneur making it my life-time goal to make it to the Guiness Book of World Records for going on the most Vacation Cruises. How many ways can you say b-i-k-i-n-i ?
* Hobbies:
Taste-testing the wines aboard international cruiseships, earning frequent-flyer miles, searching for the perfect aspirin, and IRC (I DO have a life, you know).
* Last Updated:
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