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Alternate: wehost^^
Real Name: wenche
Born: 18.08.72
From: Norway


#Beginner Mascot - Team Geese

* Status:
Friend (and previous Op) of #Beginner
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
wehost: I have no idea why I choosed this nick, it have no meaning and well it just showed up. kinda strange huh???
* Other Info:
Well, i bought my computer for my school work, and one day i dropped in at beginner. Now i don't do schoolwork on my computer coz then i always will end up in beginner, coz that's my second home now. BUT i'm not addicted, i just don't like to let my friends down by not showing up :-) #Beginner is the right place for that!!!!!!
* IRC client:
* Started IRC:
december 1999
* Computer:
* Mousepad:
what is that?
* Roller Coasters - Scary or Exciting:
well i think its fun as long as i keep me on my feets!!
* Chocolate or Vanilla:
well can i mix those??
* My First Car:
lol i only had one car and i still have it :))
* Lefty, Righty, or Ambidextrous:
maybe ambidextrous
* Favorite Music:
music? that must be to listen to me dear neighbor wenche :)
* Favorite Groups:
well that must be me and wenche together :)
* Favorite TV Shows:
TV show? must be sesame street
* Favorite Computer Games:
My favorite computer games r beginner (the only one i know)
* Job:
I'm a student and an assistant on a hospital for old people
* Hobbies:
well i like ...... hm, I don't think I have any coz I really don't have time for that. I got my 2 kids and #beginner then my time is gone :)
* Last Updated:
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