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Alternate: Raafje-Small bird (in dutch)
Real Name: Gail
Born: 02/21/84
From: Maine, USA


Sungoddess and nephew, Isaac

* Status:
Op of #Beginner YIPPPPPPPIE
* Reason I Chose This Nickname:
Willow: Well it just sounds pretty..the trees are pretty on a warm, sunny day..with a light breeze rustling the leaves.
* Other Info:
I am so glad to have you all as my friends...you have all taught me so much...and helped me in so many ways...I am so proud to call #beginner my home and to call all of you my friends.
* IRC client:
mIRC -- only way to go!
* Started IRC:
omg I think  I was 14
* Computer:
Something from the neanderthal times
* Mousepad:
Winnie the Pooh (whoever named a bear Pooh...ugh common)
* Roller Coasters - Scary or Exciting:
Prolly fun but Ill never know
* Chocolate or Vanilla:
neither...pickled chips
* My First Car:
1990 Oldsmobile Cutless 4 door Red...ohh I think my first love
* Lefty, Righty, or Ambidextrous:
* Favorite Music:
Anything from Rock N Roll to Country
* Favorite Groups:
Velvet Revolvers, Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, Bush
* Favorite TV Shows:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Charmed, Law in Order
* Favorite Computer Games:
none computers were meant for email and chat
* Job:
Nurses Assistant by day Mother by...ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!
* Hobbies:
Well when I am not busy trying to play super mom...just kidding..I love to play or do just about anything with my daughter...she is my pride and joy...can make me laugh or cry in a heart beat...and I love to read and watch tv (only in the mornings)
* Last Updated:

Sungoddess and dad, JMAC (Jimmymac, Eyes-Only :)