* Gold Star Award
October/November 2003


boyrwoof says:

Heavens to Mergatroids! The acclaimed #Beginner Star shining on boyrwoof!

I`d like to say it's such a treat working with the people here in #beginner and that it is they who are the true Stars. It is their dedication to the spirit of helping others which makes #beginner the number one help channel on Undernet

I was approached by frito one day and asked if I might consider applying for voice status to which I replied "why?". "Because it's lots of fun" she said. An understatement to be sure. It`s the 'fun' part that makes it soooooooo easy to help out the visitors who stop by seeking some help with IRC, mIRC or even directions to the airport! So, I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to be a part of an extraordinary team of truly dedicated people freely giving their time and talents to the cause of helping others find a path through the maze of IRC.

A special thanks to the class teachers.. your knowledge and patience makes learning a fun experience and even gave me a shiny star and a new pair of boots!! hehe..

So, thanks again.. it has been and will continue to be a pleasure knowing and working with you all.

Oh yeah, the pic.... Part of my 'woof' pack.. didn`t think I'd let the Cat get all the starlight did ya? :>
See ya all in #Beginner!

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