* Gold Star Award
Jan/Feb/March 2004



Dingo says: Oooohhhh I dont talk that much it's just that I did most of the last few months talking too fast :P

Thanks for the star though :) Now I get to thank aallll the ops who allowed me to talk cause they didn't... and my dad for buying me a TV so I can sit watching the tv and talk on mirc all the time :)) and my college for only giving me 2 days out of 7 to actually go to college to study... COOL!!! and the Australian government who pays for my chips and drink I eat while watching the TV that dad bought me that I put next to the computer so I can talk to all u on irc :D ohh btw - this is dad's computer that he isn't using cause he got a new one.

Thanks everyone for the award again - I was asleep when I got the email... it woke me up real good, I didnt think I talked 7,000 lines.. geez thats a big effort... you should see all the 'dead finger dust' here lol

Ohh btw... I'd like to say that I've almost matched keri's weekly kicks as well... came 2'd against her for kicking the most ppl out of the chan for 2 weeks in a row... looks like I have too much time on my hands... :D

I'll keep talking in channel... cya in there


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