* Gold Star Award
October 2002


Gold Star Honoree

Enterpris says:

Good morning/ evening all :) This is an honor to get :) Talk about a surprise today when I heard my pc announce that I had a "priority one message from Starfleet command coming in on a secure channel" lol I did not expect this :)

Well I thank you all for welcoming me and my Star trek scripts and bans and stuff lol in the channel I know a few of you don't like star trek and I am sorry I put you through the script and my humor, but thank you for putting up with it.

I have met and made a lot of new friends from #beginner and there is one person I have to think for that, if it was not for him I would not of found #beginner lol Thanks DM99. :)

And once again thanks to all of you in #beginner for this honor and I will see you all in channel :)

thanks again

Brian Bartley

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