* Gold Star Award
June 2002


Gold Star Honoree

Thanks to all my friends in #beginner. This is a great honor for me to be the chattiest or if you prefer the most dedicated person for the month. I'm shining my star right now.

I've been one of the more fortunate people in the respect that I have actually got to meet so many of the people that I have chatted with. Its amazing that words can actually carry so far in such a short time. I've developed some very wonderful freindships here and hope to make more as time goes on.

My time here has probably been the happiest in many years. You've seen me laugh and cry and been there for me when I needed a friend. You have all helped me raise my grandkids and smiled when I have loaded your computer with pictures of them. :) Funny though, whenever I've offered to send them to anyone's house I seem to reach a stone wall lol.

I could ramble on forever but will make this as short as possible. Like I told Bossmom when I sent this to her, its amazing that I can talk a million miles an hour but when asked to write something like this I find it very difficult.

My special thanks to Chrysalis who has been my mentor, Hobbit^ for having the patience to deal with me, and Patrol^ who returned the porta-pot to the ops lounge. Thanks to LazyCarot without whose help I would never have found the internet. How on earth did you ever put up with me :)) and of course Bozzy who has had the strength to hold off on choking me now and then.

In the words of ^nobody i want to say LUA and thank you

Big hugs and love to you all


Shelley aka Frito aka el_brat

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