* Gold Star Award
October 2001


Ivette Picture Hello all :)

Wow!!! Never thought I would be here, lol, still remember December '99 when I found #beginner, my home on IRC, and I wouldn't even dare to say hello, who would have thought I was gonna be here for being so "chatty"?... I became a voice in November 11th, 2000 (I think) but had to stop IRC (ouch that was hard! lol) coz I had to move to the place I live in now, so came back to IRC till the beginning of the 2001 ;) (something like January 4th) ... then became an op on February 21st, 2001. It's been an honor to be a part of this great family... Thank you all ;)

I know I chat a lot and I'm "dedicated" to our channel :P, but I guess there's none who wouldn't be "dedicated" after some time of being there, where all the great ops and voices are always willing to help, where the atmosphere is always nice and respectful, where you can meet people from all over the world, learn about them and make wonderful friends who you know they are there for you, to listen, to joke, to share a part of your life with :)

I'm from Mexico, my first language is Spanish, so I have also the opportunity to practice my English ;) It's been really helpful to have found my home on IRC, for all these reasons and many more... Thank you #beginner!!! You've been with me in very hard times of my life, and you all have helped me to go through, giving hugs, *fwapping*, even I've had to get even some slaps (not many though lol), always listening, always caring, always comforting, always helpful ... Thank you so much :))

Take care and see you all in #beginner! :)


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