* Gold Star Award
September 2002


Gold Star Honoree

Mrswidgit says:

Ohhhhh now let me think what can I say "this can't be true" for a start. "I don't talk that much." :o)

To think it all started ummmm well ohhhh lets not think about it, long time ago. When i first joined #beginner I just sat there and didnt say a word. Then to my horror someone said hi to me ( thanks alot Bozzy). And it went on from there. I learn stuff told other people how to do it and been doing it ever since.

#beginner is my home away from home, considering Widgit is op and lilwidgit (oreo^) come here too. (mental note need 2 new puters) I've made a lot of long time friends here and make new ones every day. cat

Just like to say thanks everyone for the times I woke the kid up giggling too much, for the times I've sat on my hands so didn't say something to put my foot in (ok I usually do) -- and may we chat for a long time more. Don't really know what else to say, just this is one great place to be.

<--- Like the pic??? this is me not saying anything -- see how hard it is :o)

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