* Gold Star Award
May 2002


Gold Star Honoree

Just Wait Till I Have DSL ...

I've been telling that in the channel for quite some time now. Out of the 10 steps (yes, it is a program for addicted .. eh dedicated people) I still have 2 stages left for my application for a heavenly connection.

Still, when I look at the stats, I realize a simple dial-up will take you where you want to go: the wonderful world of #beginner with all of its friendly people. Too bad my phonecompany wasn't that friendly ... they have been sending me bill that would make my parents shudder *hi mom, hi dad*.

Back in 99 I first entered #Beginner .. everyone immediately made me feel at home, and I noticed I kept coming back for more! After an almost 2 year absence, I was lucky enough to have an internet connection at home again, and #beginner was first on my list to check up again.

WOW ... that first night almost had me in tears .. most of my old friends were still there, and I quickly found some new! Of course, for me, the pinnacle of life in #B is helping people, and having fun.

What can I say ... as soon as my DSL kicks in, be prepared to see even more of me!



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