* Gold Star Award
April 2002


Gold Star Honoree

"Your line is always busy ..."

Several years ago all my friends started complaining that they never see me anymore. My boyfriend grumbled that my line is always busy. They thought Internet Relay Chat sounded rather silly and, of course, they had heard of the dangers.

It was only when I explained to them how IRC is the most powerful medium we have available for fostering understandings between nationalities and cultures did they consider its redeeming value. At no other time in history have our political leaders been so capable of completely destroying the world and at no other time in history have we, the common people, been so able to communicate with so many others on an equal level to become friends.

It has been said more eloquently than my hasty attempt:

"I hope that mIRC has had, and will continue to have, a part to play in the making of new friendships, in the keeping of old ones, in the fostering of peaceful communication, and in the increased understanding and respect of other people and cultures, and that it has had a positive effect on people's lives." Khaled Mardam-Bey (from "About author" -mIRC)

I am both honored and pleased to be a part of this channel and its wonderful team - the philosophy and mission so in line with Khaled's and my own. I'm soooooo glad I found you!

*HUGS* to all - Starrie`

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