* Gold Star Award
July 2003


sungoddes with nephew

Sungoddess says:

Oh my dear lord...how can this be...ME the most talkative in the channel...NO WAY!! rofl!! Well you guys all know I have been working towards this..now you all know what my next goal is....that beautiful @ :)))) I am kinda shocked...this is such a wonderful feeling...it wouldnt and couldnt be possible without all you people in #Beginner...who would I talk too????

I joined #beginner 5 years ago thanks to my dad....one day he saw how bored I was and said...sungoddes why not come over here and try out this chatting thing??? I think the first person I ever talked too was Bubbacam...hence the nick name Uncle Bubbacam cause I known him so long!

This has truely been an experince for me I will never forget...hehe I have run outta words to say!! (This is my second letter to bozzie cause I relized I had written so little...me do that????)

Thank you all!!! ---Sungoddes

Editor's Note: Sungoddes is now wearing her brand new @. Congratulations!!!

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