* Gold Star Award
August 2002


Gold Star Honoree

Uninor says:

WOW, and i thought i was the "quiet type" <s> (NO comment, NiekeWing!)...... well this is kind of fun.....I woke up one day by a terrible huuuuuuge ummm sound....thunder and lightening..my first thought was : OMG!!!!!! my puter!!....well..it was too late....everything messed up *CRY*. Then.. 2 weeks later when it was all fixed (slow norwegians), the first mail i opened was from bossmom, -telling me i was the most addicted (??), chattiest (??) person hmmmm....u sure u got it right bozz??? Yup :)

Geeeeeeeeez did i miss the chats and everything in #beginner.... My #beginner story is like this: I started studying to be a nurse 3 years ago, and until then I never even touched a computer, even if my oldest son had one, - but as the studies went on and we all had to do this projects in writing, I found out I had to get one. At the same time there was an article in a norwegian newspaper about chatting on the internet, was actually a good article telling you about most clients..etc. and they also told mirc was the best..and as the nosy person I am, I thought why not give it a try.

First thing i did was to connect to #beginner (felt safe). The next thing I did was to catch a virus......:((( Did I think there were any bad ppl in this world? lol ....nope..... (joke)....well.....I struggled hard to fix it...and who helped me: HOBBIT^ of course..(THANKS)...cuz she answered my questions (ty)... then the second thing I wont forget was how I met ms^Smiley (miss you), btw she says hello to all of you, I talked to her on phone some time ago). I remember there where this huge netsplit......and me and her talked and WOW are you from Norway etc... I had learned a little popups so i offered her a 7up....what you think she answered????? Do you have Coke, I don't care much for 7up.......? <G> , well....we've been friends from that day .....and I dont remember, but we went on talking norwegian so.....hmmmm did we get kicked out?

I love you all.


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