* Gold Star Award
December 2002


Gold Star Honoree

Weta says:

Hi all I`m humbled to receive This award :) It is however a great honour to be thanked in such a way for doing something that gives me pleasure.

#Beginner remains the best help chat channel around and I have made many good friends here. I would like to name them all but suffice it to say I am privelidged to work with such a great team of ops and voices . I can honestly say that all of the team have helped me at some stage or another and it continues to be a pleasure meeting, working, and learning with everyone of you.

We all know that the channel can be frustrating but I guess we also know what a good feeling it is to welcome and help new people to IRC and see them return to #Beginner excercising the skills we helped with. If anyone is to blame for you having to put up with me it`s lilbug`, thanks for the hand up bugs :))

Tc all XOX cya in #beginner

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