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Ads Blocker Script Help

Tired of getting spammed on IRC? Your screen is filled with spam windows if you've been 'away' for awhile?

Ads ads ads! IRC is full of them, and while #Beginner is working hard at trying to keep the spammers at bay, it has been a daunting task, and a problem we will continue to try to solve.

To help our visitors with the spam problems of IRC, HOBBIT has put together a simple little piece of code, or script, that can be installed to your mIRC 6.03 or above. Once it is loaded as a REMOTE file, then it needs to be turned ON through the COMMANDS option on your mIRC toolbar.

After it has been activated, or turned ON, then you will no longer see any of the known spam messages being shared on the Undernet. This program will automatically close the window, and then inform the spamming visitor that you would prefer to talk in open channel.

But what about when you *want* to receive URL's or spam in private from friends?

There is an option under COMMANDS to add someone to your userlist so that they can share URL's with you in private and you won't ignore them or close their window (this is a good thing :)

We hope you enjoy using this -- it's proven very handy!

Download the Ads Blocker Script now. "LOAD it as a "REMOTE file, then turn it ON through the "COMMANDS on your mIRC toolbar.

It's quick and easy! Enjoy!


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