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ball  Aliases by Krae
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ball  IRC Commands (kewl!)

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ball  Popups-2 by Sthrnlady
ball  Remotes by Lilbug

Name: Alias How-To's Download
File Info: aliases-help.txt Written by: Krae
WebPage: Aliases Last Modif: 6/99
Client: mIRC (stayed tuned for a PIRCH version)
Aliases are what we call the shortcut we type to make a line play to channel.

Name: AOL Instructions Download
File Info: aol-help.doc Written by: F1Pilot
WebPage: AOL Instructions
AOL requires a few extra steps in setting up your mIRC client. Please visit the webpage for more information, or download the instructions.

Name: DCC Trouble Download
File Info: dcc-trouble.doc
Website: DCC Troubles
Client: mIRC
We often see people with difficulties being about to DCC Send Chat or Send Files. This text (and webpage) is taken from the mIRCİ Help Files, and full credit and thanks is given to Tjerk Vonck for allowing us to reprint this.

Name: IRC Help (exe file) Download
File Info:
This zip contains an .exe file (executable) file, and it is very kewl. There are alphabet letters to look up specific commands, lots of color, guaranteed to make you go 'oohhhhhhh'..... :)

Name: mIRC Commands Download
File Info: m-commands.txt
WebPage: mIRC Commands
Client: mIRC (stayed tuned for a PIRCH version)
mIRC has a ton of commands available for our use. As a beginner (or even as a seasoned veteran), it can be a daunting task to learn and memorize them all. These commands are taken from the mIRC Help File, and might be very helpful if printed out for easy access. You can also put a copy into your C:\mirc directory where you can access them from the Help menu up at the mIRC Toolbar.

Name: Popups How-To's Download
File Info: popups-help.txt Written by: Hobbit
WebPage: Popups
Client: mIRC (stayed tuned for a PIRCH version)
Popup are the menus that appear when you right click with your mouse over a mirc window. You can read about this online as well, click here

Name: Popups Help Text with lots to copy/paste Download
File Info: mkpopup.txt Written by: Sthrnlady
Popups are actions that we control with our mouse. We use the clicking to play lines to channel, or to a person in private. These often are amusing and colorful. For more help with learning how to write them, as well as a lot of examples to copy/paste to your mIRC popups file, download this file.

Name: Remote How-To's Download
File Info: remotes-help.txt Written by: Lilbug
WebPage: Remotes - Lilbug
Client: mIRC (stayed tuned for a PIRCH version)
Remotes are things that happen without us having to do anything. They react on their own, based on something else that happened. Download the file, or check here to read more.