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IRC Information.....

Introduction to PIRCH
Written by Sofaspud^

PIRCH is an alternative IRC client. In many ways, PIRCH is similar to the standard mIRC client but in a few areas, it is quite different. I like to compare the difference between mIRC and PIRCH to the difference between Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's Navigator/Communicator. They both do the same thing, just are slightly different. In case you are wondering, PIRCH stands for Polargeek's (the author's nickname) Internet Relay Chat Hack.   Download PIRCH here if you'd like to give it a try :)

PIRCH98 runs on Windows® 95, 98, and NT 4.0. I do not have confirmation at this time of Windows 2000 compatibility but I assume it will work. It will, of course, require an Internet connection of some type whether it is dial-up or some form of dedicated connection.

After downloading PIRCH98, install it like any other Windows application. Unless you have some reason for doing so, take the default file locations. Once installed, launch it. You will probably see this:

Let's start by making a basic IRC connection. Click the Login button on the left side of the tool bar and you'll see:

Then click Connect. By the way, the window above is the Server window for those that have some experience using mIRC.

Enter the following information:

  1. IRC Network - Undernet, of course!
  2. Server - Choose an Undernet server. Preferably one that is geographically closest to you.
  3. Password - Not necessary for the Undernet but some IRC nets require one
  4. Name - This space is meant for your real name but don't use it.
  5. Username - Enter your e-mail address
  6. Nickname - Enter your preferred Nick up to 9 characters
  7. Alternate - Enter an alternate up to 9 characters in case your preferred nick is in use
  8. Initial user modes
  1. Invisible on Server - Check this box if you would like to NOT be seen with a /whois command (recommended)
  2. Receive Server Messages - Check this box to receive server messages (not recommended for newbies)
  3. Wallops - Check this box to receive Wallop messages (not recommended for newbies)
  1. Profiles - This is for users that have a Nickname & Setup for multiple IRC servers
  2. Auto Connect - Check this box if you would like PIRCH to automatically connect to the server of your choice.

Now, click Connect.

You should now see a server window with all kinds of info scrolling through it. At the end, you'll see something like this:

Type /join #beginner in the bottom pane of the server window as shown and hit the [enter] key. A new window will appear in front of the server window like this:

Type hello to all as shown and hit the [enter] key in the bottom pane of the #beginner window and without a doubt, you'll get a response!

Next, let's dissect the channel window.

  1. Title Bar - The channel name, topic, and channel modes are here
  2. Chat Area - The channel conversation is scrolled here
  3. Text Area - Where you type what you want to say
  4. Nick List - The list of nick currently in the channel
  5. Op Control Panel - (only shown for channel operators and must be selected in preferences)

This concludes the Intro to PIRCH98 section. Stay tuned for an Intermediate Section.

FOr those wanting to learn more about PIRCH, you may wish to download the PIRCH FAQ's v.0.80.

Download PIRCH here if you'd like to give it a try :)

Microsoft and Windows registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Netscape Navigator and Netscape Communicator are trademarks of Netscape Communications. mIRC is a trademark of Khaled Mardam-Bey. PIRCH is a copyright of Northwest Computer Services.


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