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Registering a Channel - Information provided by #CService

Many thanks to the staff at CService who are holding mini-classes in #CService-newregs offering help about registering a channel through the new services on the Undernet. Class information is presented every 4 minutes and there are CService staff helpers there if you have any questions. To join for yourself, type /join #Cservice-newregs (be sure you're on an Undernet server :) The 4-minute instruction class log is posted below and if you need more information, please join #CService, or visit the #CService Website.

Welcome to #CService Channel registration information. (1 of 31)

We will try to answer the most common questions about registrations. (2 of 31)

Please sit back and read, this will take about 5 minutes. The channel is moderated while this presentation is playing. (3 of 31)

Channel registrations are for active channels. This means they have users that regularly join and use the channel. There needs to be more than ten users to qualify. (4 of 31)

To register, the channel regulars must agree on a manager. (5 of 31)

The manager must meet a few requirements. They must not be a manager of any other channel. (6 of 31)

*** This has changed*** Any email provider can be used for the manager's username. It does not have to be from an ISP email account. Freemail or web mail accounts are acceptable. (7 of 31)

The channel must not be used for illegal activities. This means no credit card number, warez or mp3 trading. (8 of 31)

Nor will CService register bot-lending channels. If you are in the bot-lending business, you have your own bots and do not need ours. (9 of 31)

If these requirements are met, visit the CService web site: Click on Web Interface and Login. (10 of 31)

From the menu on the left, select "Register A Channel". You will be presented with a form to complete. Read the instructions carefully. (11 of 31)

Read the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and then click on the button if you agree. If you do not, you can not register a channel. There is IMPORTANT information in the AUP about your channel. PLEASE READ IT. (12 of 31)

Fill in your Real Name, first and last name. This is the name that your parents gave and usually call you by. No one but CService Admins can ever view this information and it is used only to confirm your identity should the need arise. (13 of 31)

Fill in the name of your channel. The channel name must begin with a letter or a number. Extended ASCII characters are permitted. (14 of 31)

Supply a description of what the channel is about. This means, what is discussed there, the reasons the channel exists, why it was begun. You do not have to give a fancy description but to merely state that "it is for my friends and I" is not enough. (15 of 31)

Sample description for #I_like_racing: "We discuss auto racing and the various teams and drivers". See, it's simple. (16 of 31)

Next, list the usernames of your supporters. These MUST be users that join the channel. Do not try to make up usernames, we do check. Check with the users first. If one of your "supporters" tells us that they do not support, the application will be rejected and you can not apply again for 3 days. (17 of 31)

When finished, press the Proceed button. That sends the application into the registration process. (18 of 31)

CService will check the activity/traffic level of the channel. It will also be posted on the web so that users may post comments if they so chose. (19 of 31)

All of your supporters will need to login to the web page and respond to your application. Or they may use these NEW X commands: /msg x support #channelname YES or /msg x support #channelname NO. If they do not do so within 3 days of your application, the application will be rejected. (20 of 31)

If the application is successful, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to make X join the channel. Depending on how fast your supporters check in, this may be in as little as 5 days. (21 of 31)

If the application is rejected, you will be sent an email stating the reasons. Depending on the reason, you can either reapply or not. (22 of 31)

Should you chose to cancel your application, login to the web page again, you will see your application. There is a button down at the bottom you can use to cancel. Canceling is the only method to change any information on the application. Cancel it and reapply with the new information. (23 of 31)

Registration normally takes 5-10 days now. There are circumstances that will make it take longer, such as objections being posted. (24 of 31)

Once all your supporters have checked in and the application moves to Pending. That means it is awaiting for a CService Admin to review the application. Give it a few more days and you will have an email with the decision. (25 of 31)

Trying to use the registration process to takeover a channel without the consent of the regulars will result in you losing the channel and not being allowed to register any other channel. (26 of 31)

Channels previously purged will require special handling. CService is a bit busy at the moment handling registrations. The status of that channel is that it can not be registered until we take care of some details. This means not only you but no one else can place an application for it so there is some solace in that. Please be patient. Once you see the PurgedChan username is removed from the channel, then it will be available for a registration

If you wish to object to a channel registration application, login to the CService website: Click on Web Interface, then Log In. You'll then want to select Check App. Fill in the channel name (with the "#" symbol) and press the button. When the form comes up, state your objection in the box and then press Submit. (28 of 31)

We appreciate your patience as we deal with the pentup demand to register channels. We are working as quickly as we can to solve most of the problems. (29 of 31)

The page may be slow due to the excessive load. Please try again in a few minutes. If you get a 404 error or something doesn't work right on the page, clear your browser's cache and reload. It is working for MOST people so we are not going to be able to diagnose your individual problem. (30 of 31)

That ends this presentation, it will repeat in 4 minutes, the channel will be unmoderated for questions. Thank you. (31 of 31)