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Resetting my Homepage ... by Kermit

Sometimes you will be visiting webpages and all of a sudden they have changed your homepage when you start your browser again. They indeed didn't even asked you but still they did!

Don't panic... you just have to set it back.

Below you will find on how to do it for Netscape, Internet Explorer and NeoPlanet.


The first time you launch Netscape, the Netscape's default home page will automatically load. Most Netscape users will want to change this option so that their favorite page or their department page loads automatically.

To do this, you need to select Preferences... from the Edit menu.

Next, the Preferences dialog box (shown below) will appear on your screen.

In the section labeled Home Page on this dialog box, replace the text in the Location box with the address of the web page that you want to load every time you launch Netscape. You can either type the address in the Location box, or copy and paste is from the Location box in your browser window. Alternatively, you can display the page in your browser window and then click in the Use Current Page button in the Preferences dialog box to specify that this page should load every time Netscape launches.

After specifying your home page, click OK to save your changes to Netscape's preferences.

After you've set your home page, you can easily return to it by clicking on the Home button on the toolbar at the top of your Navigator window.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer (IE) this is not really different. Just a bit easier.

Go to Tools and select Internet Options.

Once there you can change the highlighted entry that you see on the image below.

Once you filled in your favorite homepage you simply press the OK button at the bottom of the dialog.

To get back to your homepage quickly, you press the (home) button.


A little word about this one. It's not 'really' a new browser, some call it an add-on to Internet Explorer. And it's wonderful! :). What Neoplanet does is to give you the ability to add "skins" to your browser. What's a skin?

A skin is a tool that makes your default screen looks different. Skins are mostly made around themes and some are really wonderful to add. Check it out at Neoplanet.

Now how to change your homepage in Neoplanet...

First go to View, and scroll to the bottom to select Control Panel.

A next window will open where you can select 'Your Home Page' and click at OK

Uncheck the default 'I want to use the default start page' option and enter your favorite url. Once done... press ok :)

To get your homepage press the home button -->


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