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Setting Goals

    Most people fail, not because they lack talent, motivation, money, or opportunity; they fail because they never really planned to succeed. Why won't people get off the couch, go for a walk, eat low-fat food, or choose a piece of fruit over a high-sugar/high-fat dessert? Why do people always talk about what they want to learn, or do, but never take any steps towards actually doing it? The reason is that they have never planned to make these choices. Changes in lifestyle requires action. Action requires setting goals. Here are some helpful hints:

  • Set definite goals. Write your goals out in detail. Write out your commitment to your goals. Make a contract with yourself.

  • Visualize your goals. Daydream about the new you. See yourself achieving your goals. Practice the new behavior in your head before you begin.

  • Verbalize your goals. Many people motivate themselves by telling other people their intention rather than keeping it to themselves. Find support from people who will applaud your efforts and provide more motivation for you.

  • Set a definite time to begin. Most people will set a definite beginning date -- a birthday, January 1, Labor Day, the next Monday, Etc.

  • Reread your goals daily. Post your goals in a place you can see them. Make them your daily affirmations.

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