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Nifty Computer Programs - Helpful & Informative!

CDrun (cd player)
H-Menu (desktop popup menus)
IrfanView (picture viewer/editor)
Metric Converter (superb resource)
RAMpage (keep your ram free)

Renamer (rename those files-easily!)
TClock (taskbar time program)
Winzip 8.0 (program to zip/unzip)

Name: CD Run Download
File Info: Version 2.1.3 Freeware - 86 kb
Homepage: http://www.amberror.lt/
Jmac's review: All it does is play CDs but so far hasn't crashed any of my programmes. And it's skinable. I picked up 25 out of 50 skins on their website (I'm using Marvin Martian right now)

Name: H Menu Download
File Info: Freeware 278 kb
H_menu is a launchpad, but it's unlike anything you've used before. It runs invisible on all four borders of your screen, just waiting to be sprung to life. Our own Jmac says, "This programme rocks. It will allow you take and place all your desktop clutter to hidden popup bars to the sides of your screen. Then when you need to run a programme you just place your mouse to where you placed the icon, and click on the icon when it comes up."

Name: I-View Download
File Info: Version 3.21 Freeware 483kb
Website: http://www.irfanview.com
IrfanView is a fast FREEWARE image viewer/converter for Win9x/NT and Windows 2000. Bossmom's note: I use it daily..and think it's a super program. Loads quick, I use it for probably 90% of my picture viewing/editing.

Name: Metric / Standard Converter Download
File Info: Freeware - 448 kb
Nifty little utility that everyone should have handy. It offers a TON of conversion options, weights, lengths, measurements, etc. It's definitely worth having closeby.

Name: RamPage Download
File Info: Freeware - 239 kb
Homepage: http://www.jfitz.com/software/RAMpage/index.htm
Ever find your system resources running on low? This great utility sits in your taskbar keeping you posted on how much RAM is available. If you see you are running low, you can double-click it to release 10 meg of RAM, thus helping your programs to run smoother. I like it, and use it all the time.

Name: Renamer Download
File Info: Freeware - 201 kb
Homepage: http://www.albert.nu/Programs/Renamer/
Very nice utility for renaming a lot of files at once. Perfect for fixing up the spaces left in filenames from recording music. Very very handy! I don't use it often, but when I need it, it's a HUGE time-saver. Permission given by the author to showcase this file. Thanks!

Name: T-Clock Taskbar Helper Download
File Info: Freeware - 354 kb
This utility is another program that sits in your taskbar, giving you man more options as far as time, dates, cpu usage, system resources, etc....all for FREE. It's another one I use all the time.

Name: Winzip Download
File Info: Version 8.0 Shareware
Website: http://www.winzip.com
Winzip is another superior program. It's purpose is to unzip and zip up files, multiple files, etc. It's easy to navigate -- you'll be zipping along with the best in only a short time.

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