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For the Trivia Fans

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Q: What did London blacksmith Charles Moncke invent?

Q: What was the first spacecraft to land on the moon?

Q: When was the rocket first invented?

Q: What is the most widely cultivated plant?

Q: Who was the first female general in the U.S. Armed Forces?

Q: Where did the biggest fire of October 8, 1871, take place?

Q: Who introduced assembly-line production?

Q: What country in the world has the greatest number of first languages?

Q: Why should you gargle with salt water when you have a sore throat?

Q: What were the 13 original American colonies?

Q: Who invented the original 1936 Volkswagen?

Q: Who was the last man on the moon?

Q: How many different animal shapes are there in the 'Animal Crackers' cookie zoo?

Trivia Answers - Page 3.
You DID try them first, right?

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