Online Classes for the IRC Beginner

Our next scheduled class is as follows:

Date:   August 2nd, 2003
Topic:  mIRC Options
Time:   Time Zone Information

Everyone is invited to attend.

Visitors can also join #learnin now and then type !class for the current class schedule.

  Class Schedule

* Basic Information that will apply to all the classes:

* Popups Class   (More Information about Popups)
      (the process of using your mouse to point and click to make things happen)

* Remotes Class   (More Information about Remotes)
      (the process of setting up scripts (lines) that will react to things that happen.)


We hope everyone enjoys their time spent learning new skills, and to get the most out of your IRC experience, remember this:

*      Be nice -- Play nice -- and Have Fun!      *

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