Guest Helper Information .....

Guest Helper Status: We welcome anyone who would like to help out any of the channel users.  The Voices and Operators here *do* go through a vetting process, something that a guest will not have accomplished.  It is with this in mind that we ask our Helpers who do not have voice or operator status in #beginner to keep these guidelines in mind:

1. Constant part/joins are not necessary. Ops and voices will take care of that.

2. Timed and/or random help messages aren't necessary. If the op on duty chooses to do them, that's their call. Additionally, we have a bot that already does them. Thanks!

3. Please do not impersonate official #beginner operators.

4. Please use english in the main channel.

5. If you don't know the answer, don't fake it. Please don't give out false information. If there are no ops around you may ask the guest to come back later.  Please don't try to beat the operators to the punch when giving out information. Constant stepping on of toes, or other disruptions,  will be dealt with appropriately.

6. Maintaining control of the channel and enforcing channel rules is the task of #beginner operators, gentle reminders are fine, threats and/or other forms of retaliation are not.  Don't tell the ops what their 'job' is.

7. Help in the main channel only, and you must use english. No offers to help in private please.

8. We don't help with file sharing, as 99.9% of it is illegal due to copyright infringement. We don't expect anyone else to be helping folks with illegal activities "with a nod and a wink" or in any way. Read the AUP to see an additional reason why we absolutely do NOT allow such behavior here. Cservice Acceptable Use Policy

Failing to follow these simple rules may result in being asked to stop helping our guests in #beginner. More serious transgressions will be dealt with on a case by case basis and may result in 'duct tape' or time out of the channel (ban).