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User and Server Modes
Written by Raphsody

User / Server Modes and Commands   (top)

There are numerous servers commands you as a user can use to find out information about the following: User, Server, or Status of Undernet, etc. Most common user mode must be +i but then we have a bunch more.

+i - Invisible
Invisible won't let users see you on a /who #channel or /who user* command
+w - Wallops
Wallops are IRCop's way of sending a notice to other IRCops (global Notice ) or a server. Not to be mixed up with server notices.
+s - Server Notices
This is the servers talking to the Admins and IRC ops on the network. Simply a way for the IRCops to keep up with what is happening on other servers,
+g - Hack Wallops
HACK occurs after a desynch in the net, where the servers change channelops and stuff to mend the net like it was before)
+d - Deaf in channels
Neat little feature :o)) You won't hear a thing that's said in the channels. Private messages get through though. Primary reason is making the job easier for service bots that don't want to process channel messages anyway. Good to use when we set ourselves in bot mode when X is split since the Password Script most of use works via the /msg command.

In addition, there's the operator flag, (+o) that indicates an IRC operator, and +k that's used by X. No one can kick or deop 'them' from a channel. The +k channel services won't have the channels they're on in a whois or who reply. Also I might mention on some other networks they use the mode X. That keeps your IP from showing up to other users. I might add this is not 100% secure, but it helps a lot to keep nukers away. There is a suggestion that also Undernet will implement this in the near feature.

Server command is sent to that Server you are presently on. They can give you information about the network but also about users. I'm not going to talk about all the commands you can do, but these are the ones used most often.

A TIP !! The idle time is how long the nick has been silent towards its IRC-server. In other words: how long the nick has been quiet. Only the server that the nick is connected to 'knows' this. Knowing the idle-time is useful if you wonder if the person has left the keyboard without putting on an away-message. The nick might be a Bot, or possibly a person that is ignoring you.

Syntax: /whois nick nick or /whois fullservername nick where fullservername is the nicks server.

You can also get statistics information from a server check, o-lines , k-lines , g-lines and the list is long. Just type /stats g (g = g-lines , k = k-lines and so on) All commands you get from a server are called 'Raw command' This is a numerical command that your client can resolve into a text, action, or mode.

Hope this file helps a little bit towards coming to terms with all that tech stuff going around and mainly all the other things you never get to try out.

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