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Windows 95/98/NT Keyboard Shortcuts

F1 - Help
F10 - Activate menuline
CTRL+C - Copy marked text or graphics
CTRL+X - Cut marked text or graphics
CTRL+V - Paste marked text or graphics
CTRL+Z - Undo last operation
ALT+TAB - Change between open programs
ALT+UL - Opens menus by clicking Alt+Undescored letter
ALT+F4 - Close active window
SKIFT +F10 - Show cut/paste menu
CTRL+A - Mark all
CTRL+F4 - Close window
CTRL+ESC - Open start menu
CTRL+HOME - Fastest way to the beginning of a document
CTRL+END - Fastest way to the end of a document
WIN - Open Start menu
WIN+F1 - Windows help
WIN+E - Explorer
WIN+F - Starts Search for catalogs/files
WIN+M - Minimizes all windows
WIN+R - Opens Run dialogbox
WIN+TAB - Browses the toolbar.
WIN+BREAK - Open dialog box System Preferences.
SKIFT+WIN+M - Undo minimize all windows
CTRL/WIN+F - Dialogbox search for computer