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Hit & Run Script - by Kermit & Ivette

Kermit and Ivette have collaborated together on a new script that will help us in our attempt to snag the persistent and annoying "Hit & Run Advertisers". They've done a great job ;) Posted below are notes on what the script does. You can view or download the script here: Hit & Run Script.


  • It's been tested in empty mIRC, on my mIRC and on the mIRC of Ivette01 and the 3 are running fine.
  • Both files should be placed in the MAIN mIRC directory!!
  • The scripts works on the raw 311 and there is a little piece in the HobbitEye that works on it too so that should be turned off.
  • We are still working on it to improve it all better.
  • These are 36 names which are used by the infected users in the names.lst file.
  • On regular basis you will get an update of the names.lst file. Just replace that one then in your mIRC directory and the script runs fine again :o)
  • With the script you can only watch one channel at the time. You enter #Beginner for instance, but if you want to switch to #Learnin you have to enter learnin *grin*

What the script does:

  • It kicks/bans (on banmask 2) a user who joins with one of the names
  • gives the user a message that he/she is infected
  • pings him/her.
  • gives you a notice that you kicked this person.

Infected users with a different name are still kicked and banned by the 'on notice' or 'on text' part of the script. You can turn both parts off. (the names part and the 'on notice' or 'on text' part).

For additional instructions, and to view (or download) the script, check here: Hit & Run Script.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know ..

Ivette & Kermit


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