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Op Trivia

This was originally put together by the Party98 Ops who were too busy talking at our get-together that we forgot to do this. :) I'm not sure we have enough old-timers to remember all these answers, but let's give it a try. The answers are posted here. Don't peek until you have at least TRIED!

If you'd like to put up another page of current questions/answers, that would be wonderful!

Let's start with the easy stuff:

  1. How many of the ops/v regular nicks involve animals? (Name them)

  2. How many of the ops/v regular nicks involve food? (Name them)

  3. How many of the ops/v regular nicks involve games? (Name them)

  4. Who on the Gallery page is op'd in the most channels?

    Now the questions get a little harder . . .

  5. Who was the original channel manager for #beginner? (Nick is sufficient)

  6. One of the reasons for our success has been the addition of #beginner to the default channel list that comes embedded in mIRC. Who was the #beginner op that convinced Khaled to add it? (Nick is sufficient)

  7. We all know (or at least should know) it takes 10 supporters for getting a channel registered on the Undernet. How many of our original 10 can you remember?

  8. We really don't have one per se but what is the quasi-official .wav of #beginner?

  9. How many total ops and voices do we currently have on our user list? Bonus: Female? Male?

  10. When was the newsletter started?

  11. Where is W located?

  12. Where is X located?

  13. Which op uses(d) the widest variety of nicknames?

  14. How many normal/regular nicknames have numbers in them? Name them.

  15. What one thing do most ops claim not to do?

  16. What do the #Beginner ranks have in common?

  17. What sport do NUMEROUS #B ranks enjoy?

  18. Who is the most widely traveled of the #Beginner @'s?

  19. How many of our married @'s/V's have a spouse that's also a @/V??

  20. If we could pick one tv show or series that most #B ranks list as a favorite, what would that be?

  21. Which op has the most ip's listed with W?

  22. How many school teachers do we have within our ranks? Can you name them?

  23. Which USA state lays claim to be the home of the most #B ranks?

  24. When did the official #Beginner Guidelines first make their debut?

  25. Which op is a doctor in real life?

  26. Which op has met the most #beginner ops/vees in person BEFORE Party98?

  27. Who can name the #B ranks that attended the #Beginner Party 97 and/or the #Beginner Party 98?

  28. How many of our #B ranks are grandparents? Can you name them?

  29. How many Canadian ranks do we have?

  30. Can anyone name all 10 of bossmom's children? (no peeking :)

  31. What is the most common op/v real name (male?) (female?)

  32. And...the gold star question: What was Sofaspud's original nick? Where did it come from?

  33. We have ops from all over the world amongst our ranks. How many of the countries can you name?

  34. Name all 16 color (Ctrl k) codes in order:

Answers can be found here.