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  Ad Bots
  Ban/Mask Info.
  Channel Op FAQ's
  CService Resources
  DCC Trouble
  Domain Name Info
  Eggdrop Bot
  IRC Help (kewl!)

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  mIRC Help File
  Nuke Info
  Quit Messages

  RFC 1459
  Servers Info.
  Spanish Words
  +V Help Files
  Virus Help
  Win95/98 Tips
  X Help Files

Name: Abbreviations - Huge List       Download
File Info: Abbreviations.doc
A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms - HUGE listing of abbreviations and their meanings. Supplied by Energy, thanks!

Name: Ad Bot Reference       Download
File Info: adbots.doc
Last Modif: 11-98
WebPage: Ad Bots
#Beginner has always been a hangout for people running advertisements. Usually, it's just a minor annoyance, but when the advertiser is an Ad/Bot, (a program running the ads many times on another connection separate from the boss), finding them can sometimes be difficult. This document tries to give some guidance towards locating and then removing an ad/bot.

Name: Ban Reference       Download
File Info: IP-bans.doc
Last Modif: 7-00
WebPage: Ban Information
A file put together by bossmom and Hobbit to help our newer ops and voices understand the process of reading user mask types and then setting bans based on those types.

Name:Channel Operator's FAQ       Download
File Info:
Last Modif: 9-98
WebPage: Channel Ops
This FAQ has been put together by the Undernet Channel Service Committee for any and all users who have Channel Operator status on a Registered Channel on the Undernet

Name: CService Resources       Download
File Info:
Zip file containing 60 files covering a wide variety of information. Some of these came from the CService Website, and some from the Undernet Documents site. Others I'm not sure where they came from :) But if you want to know about something, it should be covered in here.

Name: DCC Trouble       Download
File Info: dcc-trouble.doc
Website: DCC Troubles
We often see people with difficulties being about to DCC Send Chat or Send Files. This text (and webpage) is taken from the mIRCİ Help Files, and full credit and thanks is given to Tjerk Vonck for allowing us to reprint this.

Name: Domain Name Information       Download
File Info: domain-names.doc
Website: Domain Name Information
You will find a small listing of the three-letter TLDs (top-level domains) for general internet use as well as the two-letter TLDs for countries world-wide.

Name: Eggdrop Bot Help File       Download
File Info: egghelp.hlp
Good reference for working with eggdrop bots. Put this into your c:\mirc\ directory, then you can access it from the 'help' menu at the mIRC toolbar.

Name: IRC Help (exe file)       Download
File Info:
This zip contains an .exe file (executable) file, and it is very kewl. There are alphabet letters to look up specific commands, lots of color, guaranteed to make you go 'oohhhhhhh'..... :)

Name: IRCops       Download
File Info: ircops-info.txt
Written by Raphsody 1999
Website: Read about this online
Very informative documentation with excellent information about servers -- how they run and what they do.

Name: Jeepster's IRC Numeric Ref. Win95/NT       Download
File Info:
Last Modif: 1/98
A Guide to IRC Numeric Error and Command Replies

Name: mIRC FAQ's       Download
File Info:
Last Modif: 5/00
Client: mIRC
Superb reference for using mIRC. Download this into your c:\mirc\ directory, then you can access them easily from the mIRC toolbar under 'help'.

Name: Nuke Information       Download
File Info:
Zip file with three texts discussing the various types of Nukes, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Name: PIRCH FAQ's       Download
File Info: Version 0.80
Client: PIRCH
This is the older PIRCH FAQ. PolarGeek hasn't written one since, but most of the basics still apply. (Thanks Sofaspud)

Name: PIRCH PIL Information       Download
File Info: PIRCH PILS - Instructions
Written by: Sofaspud
Webpage: PIRCH PIL Instructions
Client: PIRCH
Sofaspud has put together some basic instructions for loading PIRCH PIL's. If you have any other questions, please ask some of our resident PIRCH experts: Sofaspud, Mokie, ^Qwark^, or LazyCarot.

Name: Popups How-To's       Download
File Info: popups-help.txt
Written by: Hobbit
WebPage: Popups - Hobbit
Client: mIRC
Popup are the menus that appear when you right click with your mouse over a mirc window. You can read about this online as well, click here

Name: Popups Help Text with lots to copy/paste       Download
File Info: mkpopup.txt
Written by: Sthrnlady
Client: mIRC
Popups are actions that we control with our mouse. We use the clicking to play lines to channel, or to a person in private. These often are amusing and colorful. For more help with learning how to write them, as well as a lot of examples to copy/paste to your mIRC popups file, download this file.

Name: Quit Messages       Download
File Info: quits-messages.doc
Written by: Raphsody
WebPage: Quit Messages
Client: All
We all have been 'thrown' off the network at one time or another. Everytime that happens you get a quit message saying why. Learn more about what those quit messages mean.

Name: RFC 1459 - IRC       Download
File Info:
Last Modif: 5/93
RFC stands for Request for Comments and are a framework for Internet procedures. In the case of IRC, RFC1459 explains the beginnings of IRC, and the coding that started it all.

Name: Server Information       File Info: servers-info.txt
Written by Raphsody 1999
Website: Read about this online
Very informative documentation with excellent information about servers -- how they run and what they do.

Name: Spanish Words       Download
File Info: spanwords.txt
Written by Alk: 1998
This is simply a text file listing some of the more common Spanish swear words. It's helpful as an @ to be able to watch out for these words, as we have people from many different nationalities join into #Beginner.

Name: +V Help Files       Download
File Info:
Client: mIRC
If you are a +V or wishing for more information, this zip file contains some basic information about aliases, popups, remotes, as well as some other very good resources to have handy. Total of nine files are included. (Put together by Hobbit - Thanks!)

Name: Virus Help File       Download
File Info: virhelp.hlp
Last Modif: 12/98
Good reference describing some of the recent viruses. Put this into your c:\mirc\ directory, then you can access it from the 'help' menu at the mIRC toolbar.

Name: Win95/98/NT Keyboard Shortcuts       Download
File Info: wintips.txt
WebPage: Win Tips Webpage
Reference for keyboard shortcuts for Win95/98/NT.

Name: X Help Files (5)       Download
File Info:
Last Modif: Dec 2001
Included in this zip file are five (5) different files you may find quite helpful if you are opping on the Undernet and using the X bot. Inside the zip file, you'll find the following: (NOTE: you can download each file separately by clicking on the named link)
  • X commands nicklist.mrc
    MRC file (for mIRC) - load into your remotes and access the commands through your 'nicklist'

  • X helpfiles.mrc
    MRC file (for mIRC) - load into your remotes and access the commands through your 'channel' window, and 'query' window. Very helpful information!

  • xcmds.hlp
    "Help File" format - load into your main mIRC directory, then you can access the windows based help file through the mirc toolbar under the word 'help/help files'....amazing :) Put together by Cservice

  • xcmds.txt
    Text File - load into your main mIRC directory, then you can access the .txt file from the mIRC toolbar at 'Help/Text Files'.....very kewl, plus this is printable for those who like to have printed papers available ... to lose :) Put together by Cservice

  • xcmds.chm
    Help File format -- try it, you'll like it. Put together by Cservice


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