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Name: PIRCH Download  Last Modif: 1998
Client: PIRCH
PIRCH is no longer being supported by it's author, but we do keep a copy available for those wishing to see how it works, or for those who have formatted their computer and need to find another copy. Enjoy!

Name: PIRCH FAQ's Download
File Info: Version 0.80 Last Modif: 6/99
Client: PIRCH
This is the older PIRCH FAQ. PolarGeek hasn't written one since, but most of the basics still apply. (Thanks Sofaspud)
Name: Cterm Download
File Info: Version 1.2  Last Modif: 12/96
Client: PIRCH
Instructions for Using: Tutorial
Color Text Terminal (CTT) is a PIL script for use with PIRCH 0.90a. An easy to use GUI interface, relieves you of having to type the monotonous color and attribute codes. As you enter a line of text, you can change to different foreground and background colors, as well as change the attributes of the text.


Instructions for using PIL Scripts

While the following instructions are going to help you use Cterm, they are pretty typical for any PIL installation.

  • The PIL goes into a [pil_name] alias
  • You need to create a pil_name alias that invokes the PIL that reads either /runscript [pil_name] start or /runscript [pil_name] create.

On with the show.......

The cterm.zip file includes cterm.bmp (the colors in the cterm window), cterm.txt (help file), as well as the cterm.pil itself.

  1. Please unzip to your PIRCH directory, open the cterm.pil with Notepad, and copy all the text to the Clipboard.

  2. Now launch PIRCH and connect with your desired profile (it is not necessary to actually connect to an IRC server, though). If you don't know what a profile is, that's ok. Most PIRCH users only use the default profile.

  3. Once logged in to PIRCH you will add two new Aliases. So click the Aliases button at the top to open it for editing. Now click the sheet of paper icon with the + by it. The first one to be added is called [cterm]. Make sure you use the [] brackets. The brackets identify it as a PIL.

  4. Once added, click on it in the left pane to highlight it, then click on the right pane, and paste (ctrl + v) the contents of the clipboard.

  5. The PIL is now installed but we want to be able to access it quickly so now create another new alias and call it cterm.

  6. Highlight the new cterm alias in the left pane and in the right pane type /runscript [cterm] start.

  7. The final steps are to save the alias file (that's the big check mark in the upper left) and close the alias window.
That's it. You have successfully installed the cterm PIL. To use it, simply type /cterm in the message input area of any IRC chat window which will bring up the Color Text Terminal window. Once it is up, you can type your message into it and add color(s) and/or ASCII art at will. You still have the option of using the standard message input area of a channel/private chat window as well for added convenience.

Thanks Sofaspud for the tips!