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Mini Test - Answers
Written by Led-Zep and Lilbug    

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  1. Alias you use your keyboard with a shortcut and popup is a file used by right clicking with the mouse.
  2. Alias has a shortcut with keyboard, popup is saved and uses mouse to highlite and remote is where commands react upon events recieved in private, channel or CTCP.
  3. Popups have 5 sections, status, channel, query, nickname, menu.
  4. Remote, user, variable.
  5. Load with /load -a, -rs or click on the mirc editor, file, load.
  6. the n means no outside messages and t means topic can be set only by ops.
  7. Type /invite $nick #channel.
  8. Type /ignore nickname 3.
  9. The 3 ignores the address, masked like a #3 ban.
  10. Type /notify nick or in addressbook add them there.
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  1. The +i is invisible mode and invite only..invisible mode people cannot see you from outside channel doing a /names #channel, invite only is when you cannot join a channel without someone inviting you in.
  2. The +m means the channel is set at moderated and only ops/vees can talk.
  3. The +s, +p means secret and private, if someone does a /names #channelname or /whois nickname they will not see you on the channels set that way, +s the channel does not show on channel lists from the servers.
  4. Holds 30 bans and clear it by double clicking main channel window.
  5. Double click main channel window and change topic or /topic #channel <topic>.
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  1. Only a channel opened up too help a user in #beginner.
  2. 3 warnings are required unless cloning, flooding, swearing.
  3. Warn them in private first with a /msg nick or /notice nick in case they are new and not sure of the rules.
  4. Voices shouldnt be opped unless emergency and never op/voice a user/friend just cause you need help
  5. Ops can hold @ in other help channels on a different net only, but can have @ in other non help channels on same net.
  6. They could be removed from W, losing their access temporarily, or depending on length and reason, permanently.
  7. All ops are to gain their op status immediately, if there arent enough ops then voices may be lifted temporarily.
  8. Swearing, flooding, cloning.
  9. We prefer 3 lines for popups, but a popup of 5 lines and over will be banned for flooding.
  10. Deop and set away so other ops know you arent available for a bit.
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  1. The $$1 you must specifiy a nickname where $1 works with or without a nick
  2. Put in $$1 $$2 $$
  3. In the line at end put | /sound wavename.wav
  4. The -u is a timer and will unban automatically, 300 is 300 seconds or 5 minutes.
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  1. Put a heading practice popups, sub heading .hello,
    popup line ..hello:/me waves a big hello to $$
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  1. The @+5 is a user in our userlist with access of specifically 5, not 10 or 6 or any other level and only works when you are opped, :join:#beginner works when they join beginner,
  2. The *hello* means the script will react whenever the word hello is mentioned anywhere in the line.
  3. To add someone to user list 5:*!*userid@*.domain.
  4. The +1:text: means if that text word is said the script will react as designed too for that word only if the user is level 1 (the default level for ppl not in userlist).
  5. The 1 is for everyone and @+5 is those in userlist at access 5 only and only works if you are opped
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  1. Type /msg w@channels undernet.org login #channel password.
  2. Type /msg w ban #channel *!*userid@*.domain <hours> <level> <reason>
  3. Level 75 can set a ban from 1 hour up too 12 hours.
  4. Type /msg w topic #channel newtopic, you reset it due to some servers being desynch and not seeing it.
  5. Check bot banlist by typing /msg w lbanlist #channel * or going to the undernet site.
  6. Must reauthenticate.
  7. Type /msg w access #beginner lilbug`,
    or /msg w access #beginner <access level or *!*id@*.domain>
  8. Type /msg w status #beginner
  9. The l = loaded into memory, m = modified but not saved too disk, p = password set, u means user logged in successfully.
  10. Type /msg w chaninfo #beginner
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Bans: Channel Bans:
  1. The 2,3,4 are main ones
  2. Mask type 2 - /mode #beginner +b *!*@host.domain
  3. Mask type 3 - /mode #beginner +b *!*userid@*.domain.
  4. Mask type 4 - /mode #beginner +b *!*@*.domain.
  5. Type /mode #beginner -b ban mask set
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W Bans:
  1. Its *!*userid@*.domain, type 3 ban
  2. Type /msg w ban *!*@host.domain <hours> <level> <reason>;
  3. Domain mask is 4, set to keep out pornbots and nasties typed /msg W ban *!*@*.domain
  4. Use #2 ban, keeping them out with userid banned but using host so not all domain is out, *!*@host.domain.
  6. Type /msg w unban #channel ban mask
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  1. Type /msg w verify nick, type /who 0 o to find them.
  2. The g means gone and the h means here
  3. Type /away bbs and /away when back
  4. Permanent quit msg in file, options, irc messages and /quit gotta scoot for a temporary one.
  5. Authenticate first, unban yourself and ask an op to invite you, level 75 cannot use /msg w invite nickname command, also u can only invite urself with the bot so if u r level 100 or higher u have to use /invite nick #channel to invite someone in.

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