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Minitest - Questions
Written by Led-Zep and Lilbug
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  1. What is the difference between alias/popup?
  2. What is difference between alias/popup and remote?
  3. What are the different parts of a popup file?
  4. What are the three parts of remotes?
  5. What are the two ways to load alias/popup and remote files?
  6. What are the two permanent channel modes the ops need to make sure are set in the channel and what do they mean?
  7. How would you invite someone to the channel if set +i?
  8. How do you put someone on ignore list?
  9. Whats the 3 for in the ignore command?
  10. How do you add someone to notify list?
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  1. What is +i mode and what does it do?
  2. What is +m mode and what does it do?
  3. When a channel is set +s or +p what does that stop?
  4. How do you clear the channel ban list when full and how many bans does it hold?
  5. How do you change the topic without the bot?
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  1. What other channel can you be in when opped in beginner?
  2. Do you have to warn people before kicking them?
  3. What is the best way to warn people and why?
  4. Can u op/voice ur friends in #beginner?
  5. Can an op in #beginner hold ops in other channels?
  6. What can happen if an op doesn't authenticate with W for more than 21 days?
  7. When w is gone what is the rule for all ops...what happens to voices?
  8. What offenses can you kick without giving 3 warnings first?
  9. A person flooding and can be kicked/banned from the channel for popups in excessive of what amount of lines?
  10. If u r opped and are going to be away for more than 10 minutes, what do you do?
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  1. What's the difference between $$1 and $1?
  2. How do you write an alias for 3 nicks?
  3. How would you add a wav to an alias line?
  4. In a kick/ban alias what would -u300 mean?
  5. How do you make a 3 line alias?
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  1. Where is the popup folder?
  2. What is a popup/how do you play one on channel.
  3. What do you put to add a nick to a popup line?
  4. What is the purpose of the # symbol in a popup?
  5. How do you create a popup line saying hello to a specific nick in the channel?
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  1. If you saw something like this in remotes, can you say what each part is for?
  2. @+5:JOIN:#beginner:/mode #beginner +v $nick
  3. If you see this in remotes *hello* what would the * be used for?
  4. What would you put too add someone to your userlist?
  5. In a swear script what does on +1:text: mean?
  6. What is the difference between on @+5:join: and on 1:join:
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  1. How do you authenticate in W?
  2. How do you ban using W?
  3. How long can a level 75 op ban for?
  4. How do you set the topic using W? Why do you reset it?
  5. Name 2 ways to check the bots banlist.
  6. When w goes out for happy hour, what must an op do when he returns?
  7. How do you check your access level with w?
  8. How do you check status of channel, who authenticated?
  9. What does LMPU mean on an access check?
  10. How do you find out who a channel manager is?
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Bans: Channel Bans:
  1. What are the different main channel ban masks we use?
  2. How do you set a channel ban mask #2?
  3. How do you set a channel ban mask #3?
  4. How do you set a channel ban mask #4?
  5. How do you undo these bans?
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W Bans:
  1. What is the W default ban mask?
  2. How do you ban someone through W using mask
  3. When would you set a domain ban? What ban mask is this?
  4. If you didn't want to set a domain ban and you didn't want the person to get back in, what type of ban could you set?
  5. How do you undo a W ban?
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  1. How do you find out if someone is an ircop or not? How do you find one online if you need one?
  2. On a /who what does the G or H stand for?
  3. How do you set/remove an away message?
  4. How do you set a permanent quit message and reg one?
  5. If W banned, channel +i how do you as op get in?

Surprise questions for Cindi *g* and other senior ops ........ to be revealed in class :D
Lilbug` and Psychospy have the *eg* now!