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Useful Websites - Educational

These are the cream of the crop, and sites that we consider everyone should visit at least once. Many of them contain programs that we use routinely, making our internet life easier. Other sites are valuable simply because of the wealth of information available. Enjoy!

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Educational Sites

Cool Clouds for Kids - http://www.pals.iastate.edu/carlson/
Have you ever laid on your back, watching the clouds drift by? Then this site is for you -- let the kid in your daydream for a few, kick back and relax, and be a kid again.
Gurunet - http://www.gurunet.com/
GuruNet is a free new one-click information service that works whenever you're online. It automatically analyzes pointed-to text in context and pops up a simple window without linking or leaving your document It has reference information (dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia) and real-time information (e.g. news, sports, weather or stock quotes).
How Stuff Works - http://www.howstuffworks.com/
Have you ever wondered how the engine in your car works or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you! This site is stuffed to the brim with information about almost anything. Wonderful resource!
Dictionary - http://www.dictionary.com
Make this a desktop shortcut, and you'll be amazed at how often you'll use it. The site is an online dictionary -- convenient, fast, and just the ticket when needing to look up the spelling or meaning of particular words.
Dictionary Translator - http://translator.dictionary.com/text.html
Very Nice Resource
Spell Checker - http://www.spellcheckanywhere.com
Spell Check Anywhere, helps to check spelling in all the windows programs.

School Books and Supplies

ABC School Supply - http://www.abcschoolsupply.com
Very Nice Resource
Book Mobile - http://www.bookmobileonline.com/bookmobile/
Buy and Sell your used books online
Teachers School Supply. - http://www.teacherssupply.com/
Everyday low prices on school supplies and books.

There will be many more 'Cream of the Crop' sites coming in the near future. Please check back soon.