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IRC Resources - Useful Websites

These are the cream of the crop, and sites that we consider everyone should visit at least once. Many of them contain programs that we use routinely, making our internet life easier. Other sites are valuable simply because of the wealth of information available. Enjoy!

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IRC Resources

IRC Help
http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/ircprimer.html -- IRC Primer - lots of information
http://irchelp.org.irchelp/new2irc.html -- The IRC Prelude - good information
http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/misc/ccosmos.html -- The IRC Command Cosmos (very good resource)

mIRC HomePage
http://www.mirc.co.uk/translations/index.html -- MANY translations of the mIRC help file. Wonderful source!
http://www.mirc.co.uk/install.html -- How to setup mIRC

PIRCH HomePage

IRC Scripts & Helpful Programs
http://www.quinion.com/mqa/spell.htm -- Spell Checker that works on IRC!
http://www.patchou.com/irclv/e_telechargement.htm -- IRC Log Viewer
http://www.mircscripts.com/old/--old versions of mIRC
http://www.xcalibre.com/ -- mIRC and Eggdrop, addons, bots, and scripts.
http://www.mircscripts.com -- mIRC Scripts and Addons
http://www.mircx.com -- Bots, Scripts, Addons, Eggdrop
http://www.pairc.com -- mIRC scripts, information, and scripting tips

IRC Security

Chat Server
http://www.webmaster.com/ -- Conference Room (Great Fun!)

IRC RFC 1459
http://sunsite.dk/RFC/rfc/rfc1459.html - RFC 1459, very interesting technical information about IRC, and how it works You can download a file for reading at your leisure here.

VIRC - Chat Client

Xircon - Advanced IRC Client

Ircle and MacIRC: Commonly used IRC clients for the Apple Mac OS

OS/2: Commonly used IRC clients for the OS/2 operating system
http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-browse?sh=1&dir=//pub/os2/apps/internet/irc/client -- Website listing multiple OS/2 Chat Clients
http://www.os2ss.com -- Supersite Links Collection
http://www.gt-online.com/~bri/irc_clients.html -- GammaTech, Inc.