Op/Voice Information .....

What We Look for in a Voice for #Beginner

We are often asked how to become a +V or Op of #Beginner, and to summarize our philosophy, we look for people with the following attributes:

Requirements for Prospective +V's

  • Should be a regular #Beginner visitor
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must have home connection
  • Enjoys chatting with newcomers
  • Enjoys learning new tips about their IRC clients
  • Is willing to share knowledge (cordially) with others

The Voice Team will monitor the regulars in channel for those that they feel meet the above qualifications. Once a user has been approved by the Voice Team, then this list is sent to the Channel Administrators who will give a final stamp of approval. If chosen, a member of the Voice Team will then get in touch with the approved nick and chat with them about the next step.

Approved persons will start at Level 25 - Voice Status and will need to abide by the following:

Requirements for Voice (+V) - Level 25

  • Agrees to Op/V in only ONE Undernet Help Channel (#Beginner)
    Note: Ops in other OFFICIAL Undernet help channels is ok, subject to approval
  • Agrees to attend a minimum of [4] #Beginner +V Classes
    Note: The first class will be an introductory class explaining in more detail these policies
  • Is willing to put forth effort to learn about their IRC client, and other IRC matters
  • While voicing in #B, will not be in other channels (Exception: #Learnin)
  • Is willing to comply with the established #B Guidelines
  • Channel duties: Help the ops by cycling channel and greeting the visitors

Once the +V's (level 25) have attended the four classes, have shown progress, and have an understanding of our policies, they may be moved up to Level 50 Helper Op Status. A Level 50 Helper Op will be able to set channel kicks & bans. This Level 50 also allows them to be opped by X, and to use X to kick and change the topic. They will not have Oddjob access. Please note: The Level 50 Helper Op is not a guarantee of a permanent @/Rank. It's a time for the new Op to continue to learn, and a time for the Channel Administration to monitor progress.

We will do everything we can do to help you succeed!

Op Status Requirements - Level 50

  • Has attended a minimum of [4] Voice Classes
  • Has demonstrated progress in their IRC skills
  • Shows a good attitude in channel, in private, and in #learnin

As the Helper Op has continued to make progress in their skills, and demonstrates good support for the channel and our guidelines, then they will be advanced to the next level, Level 75 Op Status.

Advancement to Level 75 is based on a variety of factors, some of which include:

Op Status Requirements - Level 75

  • Continual progress in IRC skills
  • Exhibits a good attitude and professional conduct towards the visitors
  • Demonstrates good aptitude for being a 'Team Player'
  • Continues to be willing to work within the established #Beginner Guidelines
  • Works hard and works happy :)

If you're not intimidated by the amount of learning that will be taking place, and you are still interested in becoming a part of our +V Program, you might want to test your skills through a little mini-test that Lilbug and Led-Zep have put together. Here you will find a view of what we cover during our classtimes. You may download this file, Mini Test, or visit the test webpage and test your knowledge. Feel free to use this as a study guide. Even us old timers might benefit from reviewing this test of knowledge from time to time :) You can request the answer key through any of these people in #Beginner: Hobbit, Lilbug, Weta, MrWombat, Titch, Kermit, NiekeWing, Rise, and Ivette.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then hang out with us in #Beginner -- get to know us and let us get to know you.

If you'd like to read more about being an Op of #Beginner, please visit here. You may wish to download a zip file with some basic teaching tools several of the +V Teachers have put together. Snag it (+V Help Files).