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#Beginner - A Place to Call Home

Welcome to #Beginner -- This channel exists to answer questions from new IRC users. Please don't be shy, we are here to help you with your questions!

At any given time of the day, visitors are welcomed to #Beginner with a variety of messages -- some offering help, others offering invitations to chat, or perhaps just an encouraging word to jump in and give it a try -- messages that leave everyone that joins with the sense of friendliness that has been our standard throughout the history of the channel.

#Beginner came into existence many years ago as a channel for a few regulars to chat and to help others new to IRC. My own experiences with #Beginner started six years ago when I joined a small and comfy channel to learn more about anything computer related, and was exposed to a whole lot more than I ever knew existed. It was wonderful! #B was completely responsible for many hours of lost-sleep due to the excitement and energy of those early learning days. Good friendships were formed that are still going today. However, comfortable as everything was, the channel was soon to undergo a major transformation.

In September of 1996, #Beginner was listed first in the Channels Folder of the recently distributed mIRC, version 4.5 if I remember correctly. This listing was due to the inquiry of one of our very own, Drumrdude, who wrote Khaled to have #Beginner added (Thanks fellas!) That day changed #Beginner forever. Overnight we went from a mellow and slow chat/help channel, to a bubbling and very active help/chat channel. This transition wasn't without a few growing pains, but through it all, we never lost sight of our purpose -- that of trying to make the wild and wacky world of IRC understandable to the IRC newcomer.

At that time many years ago, the older mIRC's were not as automated as they are today. Newcomers needed to be helped to understand how sounds worked, including setting up a sounds directory. Windows weren't highlighted at the top or bottom of our screen accessible with a little click of the mouse, but instead dotted our screens like blinking measles, and I still grin at just how energizing it was to try to keep up with the wild pace of questions. And colors! I still remember when colors were added to mIRC, and all the laughing and excitement we went through together as we learned right along with our visitors how to be creative with our text. The nasty problems of the day were clones or advertisers, or DCC bombs -- little did we know just how bad the virus problems were to become. Yet we embraced the visitors, we loved our role here on the Undernet, and we grew right along with the rest of the IRC community.

#Beginner has grown from a group of about 20, to an average of 150 visitors at any given time. We are very fortunate to be staffed with talented Ops and Voices -- always willing to give their time and to share their expertise for all who visit the channel, whether our visitors are IRC newcomers or advanced users. There is little that equals the satisfaction of seeing the delighted grin of someone who "gets it", whether it's a simple action statement, or a more complicated scripting tip. We try to offer whatever sort of help is needed, at times learning something new ourselves in the process.

As we've grown, many new projects were started and continue yet today. We have a #Beginner Newsletter offered monthly to our ranking members, as well as a Virus Report mailing to keep us abreast of the latest news. We have a +V Program, where for the past five years we've offered classes to our +V's, who are our 'Ops in Training'. This past year, we started offering classes for the general IRC population at large. Covered subjects include: Aliases, Popups, Remotes, Security for Your Computer, and Virus Help. For those interested, our next scheduled class is on Security, details here: http//www.ircbeginner.com/online-classes.html .

A Virus Specialty Group is one of our more recent projects put together by those dedicated to learning more about the viruses that infect so many of our visitors, with the goal of being able to offer more information to the many infected people we see daily. #Beginner was actively involved in testing the new CMaster services before it became the official X we use now. We have a regular mailing with important IRC and Channel Business issues, as well as a website full of helpful tutorials and information. Whew! We've covered a lot of ground in the past few years!

#Beginner has changed over the years to keep up with the changing IRC tide, but at the core -- we're still the same channel that started out 7+ years ago. Ops and Voices caring for one another, sharing information to the newcomers, monitoring the channel to keep out the bad guys, and above all -- working together as a team towards the success of the *Best* Help/Chat Channel on the Undernet. We count it a privilege to be able to join our hearts together to provide for our newcomers a warm welcome to IRC and to offer assistance as needed - all within the framework of a family-orientated channel working hard to preserve a comfortable atmosphere for people of all ages, and from all parts of the world.

We have a motto on our website of "Touching Lives Around the World", and indeed, that is what we do everyday in #Beginner. We may be from all corners of the globe, but we come together as one mind, with one goal.....to leave a friendly touch to all who enter.

#Beginner -- a place to hang your hat and call your home. Come and join us sometime.

Channel Manager 1999-2003
#Beginner - Undernet


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