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We've compiled a resource of materials for those visiting this site for virus information, or for those coming here for help with removing a virus. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information presented here is accurate and as up-to-date as possible. (Thanks Kermit!)


AntiVirus Solutions

Trojan Protection

Security Solutions (Firewalls, Email)

Tutorials & Additional Resources


arrow  Online Virus Scanners[ top ]

These links will open up to websites that can do an online virus scan of your computer. All of these online scan sites are FREE to use.


arrow  AntiVirus Programs[ top ]

These programs are meant to be downloaded and then installed to your computer. These will run in the background providing reliable security against viruses (and most trojans & worms). Important to note: To be effective, these programs MUST be kept updated on a regular basis. Most will have an automatic update feature which is very helpful.

arrow  Specific Virus Removal Tools[ top ]

Know the virus you have and want a tool to specifically remove that?
Check at these sites -- lots of tools available.

arrow  Tools that work with mIRC & other Chat Programs[ top ]

  • Rav AntiVirus -- Trillian, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM
  • BitDefender -- File Transfer Protection for mIRC, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, NetMeeting
  • Hack Fix - IRC Trojan Website with some information for IRC-related trojans

arrow  Trojan Scanners and Cleaners[ top ]

  • Comparison Study - Very Interesting! Side-by-side comparisons of the ability of several of the below-listed programs to detect trojans.
  • Swat It - FREE Detection and removal program for Trojans, Worms, Bots and other Hacker programs (manually started)
  • Anti-Trojan Shield - Detection and removal of trojan horses as well as protection against them
  • PC Door Guard - Detection and removal of viruses, backdoors and trojans
  • Pest Patrol - protects against trojans, hacker tools, keyloggers, spyware, adware, and more
  • Sygate Trojanscan - ONLINE trojan scanner (other online tools available too)
  • Tauscan - Detection and removals of trojans and backdoors
  • The Cleaner - Detection and removal of trojans (comprehensive)
  • Mega Security - Site containing links to trojan removal tools
  • Mega Security - Site containing links to programs and products helpful for the security conscious
  • HackFix - Website with a great deal of very helpful information

arrow  Top Most Prevalent Virus, Worm, and Trojan Infections[ top ]

If you suspect your system to be infected with one of the viruses listed below, check for some free tools that will help you to repair the damages here: Specific Virus Removal Tools

  • Klez
  • SirCam
  • BugBear
  • Yaha
  • Sobig
  • Hybris.C
  • $decode
  • Love Letter
  • Life Stages
  • Fable.pif
  • DMSetup

arrow  Virus Encyclopedias & Glossaries[ top ]


arrow  Virus Hoaxes[ top ]


arrow  Firewalls[ top ]


arrow  Guard Against Email SPAM[ top ]


arrow  Test Your PC[ top ]

These sites will check to see if your PC is secure against attacks
  • Anonymizer - Protect your privacy while you surf
  • HackerWhacker - See your computer the way hackers do (portscan)
  • Leak Test - Test your personal firewall to see if it leaks your private data to the Internet
  • pcAudit - A program developed to simulate an attack by a "hacker".
  • pcRemote - Remotely checks the ports most often used by a hacker to attack your computer.
  • pcSuper Scanner (port scanner) ISA has developed a proprietary scanner that can test ALL of the 65,535 communication ports on your computer, checking for both client and server connection types.
  • PestPatrol Port Checker - FREE - check ports for trojan activity
  • Port Detective - FREE (port checker) Reports on port status: Open, Blocked, or In Use
  • Sygate Quickscan - ONLINE (quick and accurate scan of your computer to detect open, closed, and blocked ports.)
  • Sygate Stealthscan - ONLINE (uses various stealthing techniques to penetrate firewalls)
  • Symantec Security Check - ONLINE (scan of your computer to check for security leaks)
  • Shields Up! - Steve Gibson - Checks the security of your computer's connection to the Internet.

arrow  Tutorials pertaining to Virus Safety, IRC Safety, and Privacy Issues[ top ]

We wish you well in your quest to remove virus, worm, or trojan infections from your computer. Please join us in #Beginner if you'd like additional help, and we will try our best to either help you, or will direct you towards other possible resources.

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